HQ Trivia Statistics

HQ Trivia is back?

Due to popular demand, you can access the website as it was by clicking here.

UPDATE March 29th, 2020: HQ Trivia is apparantly back according to this tweet from @rus on Twitter. How long will it last? Who knows! This site lives on!

I've also made a twitter account for this site, @hqtriviastats. Enjoy!

If HQ Lasts, I will start actively maintaining this website and Discord bot more. I loved working on it, and due to MR. VIRUS I have nothing better to do. We'll see :)

Original RIP message:

If you haven't heard the news. HQ Trivia is kill. Very sad! As a result, this website is rendered useless.

I would like to thank everyone who used this website. If you used this website, please consider filling out a quick survey about your experience. I would really appreciate it! Click me for the survey.

If you want to stay in contact, my social links are available here as well as a link to the HQ Discord Bot Discord server.

If you want to donate to keep my future projects alive, you can go here. If you want to see other projects I'm working on, go here!

If you are interested, I have been working on a meme website for about a year and a half now. If you want to check it out go to https://memerator.me.

And finally, I again would like to thank everyone who used this website. I had fun making it and was glad some people got to appreciate it. Have a good day :), until we meet again!